Hawk Link Tutoring Application

This application is for Hawk Link program participants only.  If you would like information about how to get involved, contact Mica Mendez. Thank you!

As part of Hawk Link Tutoring, there are certain requirements that must be met by you, the tutee.

  • You will attend weekly one-on-one tutoring sessions with your tutor at the Sabatini Multicultural Resource Center. Tutoring provides an opportunity for you to ask questions relating to the course and assistance in comprehending the material.
  • You understand that your tutor will never complete homework problems or assignments for you. 
  • You will bring your textbook, class notes, syllabus, and/or other relevant materials to each session. 
  • You will adhere to he Hawk Link Tutoring attendance policy. 
  • If you are unable to attend a session, you will contact your tutor in advance via email or phone.
  • You will report any tutoring issues/problems to the Hawk Link Tutoring Coordinator if necessary. For example, if you need to change your tutoring time, etc.
Hawk Link Tutoring Attendance Policy

The Hawk Link Tutoring program is committed to providing high quality tutoring for its students. A strict attendance policy is necessary in order to ensure that each participant fully benefits from the tutoring experience. Students who receive tutoring in one class per semester are allowed to miss three tutoring sessions, students who receive tutoring in two classes are allowed to miss four sessions. Students are expected to attend all tutoring sessions and will be considered absent for any reason, including illness, emergency or prior cancelations / scheduling conflicts. Exceptions to the attendance policy include religious holidays and conflicts due to documented disability. Any student who would like to request scheduling accommodations may do so during their first meeting with the Tutoring Coordinator at the beginning of the semester. Any absence following the final allowed absence will result in suspension of tutoring for the semester. After a student is notified of their suspension, they will have five days to contact the Tutoring Coordinator if they wish to continue tutoring. The coordinator will then provide them with appeal instructions. 




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