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Tours for individuals and small groups start every half hour and take approximately 30 mins.  Group tours are available for classes and organizations. Please fill out this form if you would like to schedule a tour for a large group.

The Tunnel of Oppression is a tour that will engage students in an immersive experience of scenes where participants will experience, firsthand, different forms of oppression through interactive acting, viewing monologues, and multimedia. Participants directly experience the following scenes of oppression: ability, class, body image, immigration, homophobia, genocide, relationship violence, and race.

All of the scenes have been written with the University of Kansas students in mind.  Some scenes are direct monologues from student experiences on campus; others deal with local hot topics or events that have occurred in the community.

At the completion of the Tunnel experience participants will go through an active processing session where they will discuss the experience and learn how they can rethink their role in creating positive social change.

Tunnel Topics

Body Image/Eating Disorder



Domestic Violence


History of Tunnel at KU

When did it first begin? 2001

How many people attended? We have 400-500 people who participate each semester.

Why it is important at KU?  The primary goal of the project is to create an experiential program for KU students, staff and faculty.


Sign-up to pick your volunteer roles!  Email Brenda Morales if you have any questions about the event or volunteering.